“They're all typing; wake the fuck up and eat pie!” — Richard Burnish reading comments during the show.[1]

The Funeral Edition episode of the Jesus Chatline was broadcast on June 30th, 2011. It was held to commemorate the death of Steven Chilton after his death by lightning strike in the previous episode.

The format of the episode consisted of Richard Burnish remembering Steven's life, with Chilton "reconstructed" body laying behind him, pretending to lie in repose. It is known for being bombarded by a number of elaborate personas and characters questioning Steven's movements during the stream. It is one of the few episodes where both hosts openly break character.


A number of characters called into this episode. Below is a list of special mentions and noteworthy characters. (Please help complete this list.)

  • Lifting-Weights Guy: A one-time unnamed caller who phoned in with a Southern accent, asking Richard in regards to how people become gay.[2] He mentioned that despite lifting weights, hating singing and watching UFC, he somehow enjoys gay anal sex. Their humorous discussion resulted in Richard breaking character several times and laughing on camera. In a 2019 Instagram livestream, Richard reminisced about the character and always wanted to know the background behind the caller.[3]


  • Despite being a joke episode as Steven Chilton did not really die, the actor portraying Steven, unfortunately passed away in late 2018 due to cancer.


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