Haulin' Ass was an online web show hosted by Steven Chilton under the persona of T. Rucker, a stereotypical redneck truck driver. It was the second and final web show Chilton hosted outside of the Jesus Chatline, following Rumbled Feathers. The show ran for nearly 4 years, from late December of 2014 until September 30th of 2018.

Haulin' Ass revolved around the vulgar culture of American truckers. The show oftentimes featured in-studio guests, consisting of either Bob Croft of the Trucking Network or the John Hopkins University professor Amanda Tarantino.

Similar to Rumbled feathers and Jesus Chatline, there was both a skype and phone line that viewers could call in and interact with T. Rucker. Another way that viewers could interact with T. was if a viewer donated to T. Rucker, the donation message would appear on-screen as a "Priority Message" and T. had to stop everything in order to read out the message. The main topic of the show was to talk about trucking and/or any American subject or issue. In the earlier episodes of Haulin' Ass, T. Rucker only allowed Americans to call in to talk about America. Over time, however, T. had relaxed that rule and started to actually hold special shows for his European audience, sometimes calling the show the "Euro Edition" and changing the show logo to read "Haulin' Arse".

As the show progressed, T. had introduced certain segments to his show. Some of the more predominant segments included "Appeal to Chet" and "Soundboard Soundoff". T. had made these show segments in order to better organize and plan the overall show. During the Appeal to Chet segment, users who were banned in the chatroom had the opportunity to call into the show in order to talk to Haulin' Ass head moderator, Chet Kelly, in order to get unbanned from the chat. During the "Soundboard Soundoff" segment, callers would have the ability to call in and play remixed songs featuring the voices of T. Rucker, Bob Croft, Amanda, and sometimes even Chet Kelly. The need to create the soundboard soundoff segment had arisen shortly after someone had called in to the show with a remixed version of Dr. Mario's theme song with a voice clip of T. Rucker saying "simple trucker"[1] .

One of the last noticeable changes to the core show was the absence of Amanda. Her last appearance on the show was on the January 14, 2018 episode. At the time, the most widely believed outcome of the Amanda character was that she chose the nomadic lifestyle, wandering the wilderness of the Western American desert with nothing but the clothes on her back and her much-beloved cardboard lean-to.

After the departure of the Amanda character from Haulin' Ass, the show (and the rest of Jay's spin-off shows) came to an unexpected end in late 2018 following the death of Steven Chilton's actor Jay Walkow.


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