Jason Walkow A.K.A Steven Chilton passed away on October 16, 2018.

Thanks for all the great and funny moments on the Jesus Chatline and HaulingAss. We will never forget the laughs you've given us. Rest in peace up there.

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Welcome to the Jesus Chatline Wiki!

Hope, love, inspiration. Let Richard Burnish show you the way. Host of Jesus Chatline and author of the Neon Bible. Richard's goal is to rid the internet of filth. Life wasn't always easy for Richard, but through the power of our lord, he was able to overcome the temptations of evil. Let Richard show you God's road to redemption.

For stories, inspiration, songs and your phone calls. Join us on our crusade. Richard Burnish.

This is the unofficial wiki of the Jesus Chatline hosted by Richard Burnish and Steven Chilton, and recently The Ark from the Church of the Neon Bible.

"The Neon Bible is the most modern word of god out there. Anyone who disagrees will go to hell, unless they purchase the Neon Bible."


God came to Richard and Steven with a dream of a new house of worship. A dream devoted to the one true word the Neon Bible thus began their leap of faith. Through the generous donations of our disciples Richard and Steven have purchased holy grounds where the church of the Neon Bible will stand. Brick by brick they will venture into erecting the greatest man made structure that man has ever seen. After visiting the grandest churches in the world for inspiration, Richard has taken gods dream to a new level.


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Episodes of Jesus Chatline
Cinema EditionJustin.tvThe Rapture (Aftershow) • Three Hour EpisodeSteven DiesFuneral EditionPrison Edition
July 22nd 2011 • Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5 (Christ Show)Episode 6Easter Special$29.95
Richard’s Birthday (Aftershow) • How Can She Slap (Aftershow) • Racial Harmony Edition (Aftershow) • Pray The Gay Away
Carry The EarthNo Tears, Only Dreams NowA Prayer For Victims Of ViolenceNo Monetary Compensation

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