“You can suck a wet fart out of your grandpa's ass and hold it in like a bong rip.” — Leroy to Richard Burnish

Leroy Sinclair is a Native-American caller from Norway House who frequently called into the Jesus Chatline demanding money and reperations. When calling into the show, Leroy's abusive mannerisms and insults always incited confrontation with the hosts, and is one of the most recognizable callers of the show.

Leroy first appeared in Episode 1 as a random caller, and demanded reperations from the Chatline for allegedly impersonating him. He would usually make a call every couple of episodes, much to the chagrin of Richard Burnish. Despite this, Leroy developed a bittersweet relationship with the Chatline that continued well into HaulinAss before its end.

It was later revealed that Leroy Sinclair was portrayed by Roadhammer, one of the Chatline's moderators.


Leroy first made an appearance in episode 1, pissed off about how Richard was reportedly "pretending to be him". After confronting Steven, the mic was passed to Richard where Leroy questioned him and threatened him saying that him and his brothers were coming down from Norway House the following week and that it would be on like "Freaking Donkey Kong at the break of dawn." It is not known if Richard was confronted by Leroy in real life, though it could be likely. Richard later sent royalties to Leroy only for them to be wrong. After calling in once again, it is revealed that Richard instead sent Leroy a package of plastic dollar store beads and a pair of mukluks rather than the previously agreed upon payment of two boxes of beer, a bottle of whiskey and some cigarettes. Leroy, insulted by the racial stereotype threatened to beat up Richard yet again as well as filing a restraining order. Richard and Steven have since reached an out of court settlement with Leroy and there has been no further conflict. In one episode, Steven says his physical appearance looks like a "Washed up Macho Man"

According to Sinclair in Episode 3, his primary occupation is a truck driver.[1]

While Leroy may have lost communication with Richard since the ending of Jesus Chatline, Leroy still talks to Steven since he frequently has or has attempted to call into his post Jesus Chatline show Haulin' Ass. In Real Life, Steven and Richard knew the man behind the voice of Leroy Sinclair who also happend to be a moderator, Roadhammer.


  • Steven Chilton confirmed during an aftershow that Sinclair was originally voiced by Richard Burnish.[2] Later on Roadhammer called and took over the persona and demanded reperations from the two for using his name.
  • During a 2019 Instagram stream, Richard Burnish explained the history of the Leroy Sinclair persona. He got the name while he was waiting behind the arena after a Slayer concert to get an autograph from the band. While he waiting, a giant man approached the bouncers and tried to get in, but was overpowered and bounced. Before he left, the man said "Make sure you tell Tom Araya that Leroy Sinclair's here to slit his throat." The moment stuck to Richard, and later on, one day during a stream he decided to go into the basement during a stream and prank call Steven in order to get him to laugh on camera using the Sinclair persona.[3]


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