No Monetary Compensation is the final episode of the Jesus Chatline, broadcast on 8 October 2012. It marks the last on-stream appearance of Richard Burnish and Steven Chilton together.

The recurring joke calls had made both Richard and Steven tired and sapped of energy, culminating in Steven snapping at the end of the show and resorting to drinking and swearing.[1] Dismayed by his actions, Steven announced his resignation shortly after, marking the official end of the Jesus Chatline.[2]

Steven would return in March 2013 to host his new solo show Rumbled Feathers, while Richard vanished from the public eye, resurfacing in 2019 to announce the creation of the Chatline's successor show The Ark.


Steven Chilton's character then does his own show called Rumble Feathers which later when on to become HaulinAss. In 2018, Steven Chilton's actor, Jay Walkow passed away. Richard Burnish's character had no conclusion in the series and vanished for almost 10 years until 2020 where he returns with "The Ark", serving as the spiritual sequel to the Jesus Chatline.


Jesus Chatline - No Monetary Compensation (October 8, 2012)


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