The following products and services have been referenced by Jesus Chatline co-hosts Steven Chilton and Richard Burnish over the course of the show's history. The below products are provided by several organizations affiliated to the Church of the Neon Bible such as Burnish Brand.
Richard burnish carbonated water

Richard burnish Carbonated Water. Note that Richard and Steven do not drink carbonated drinks.


  • Neon Bible (with 100% guarantee into heaven)
    • Richard Burnish Autographed Bible
    • Accelerated Reading Bible
  • Freddie Mercury AIDS cure[1] ($49.95)
  • Richard's Package, a collection of goods designed to help sinners restore their faith in God. Each package costs $798 dollars and comes with a free vintage bottle of Dad's Cream.[2]
  • Dad's Cream
  • Burnish Brand Eggs
  • JesusChatline Prayer Towel
  • JesusChatline Hockey Shirts
  • Richard Burnish Carbonated Water
  • Richard Burnish Blessed water
  • Christ Plug[3], an addon for Firefox that sorts out content by religious importance.
  • The Holy Roller[4], a purple jersey with a closeup of Richard's face, inspired by Stevens' favourite 'rappist,' 'Tubepac Shaker.'


  • 1 Week Intensive Anti Homosexuality training
  • 6 Week Homo Detox Program (Attended by Ricky Martin)
  • Anti Homosexual Seminars
  • Homosexual Rehabilitaion Seminars[5]
  • Accelerated 3 Day Bible Camp[6]
    Burnishbrand eggs

    Burnish Brand Eggs


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