“I know what Dad's Cream tastes like, but I think it's a different consistency from what you're used to.” — Randall to Steven Chilton.[1]

Randall "Baby" Stevens is a caller who frequently appeared on the Jesus Chatline. He was well known for his flamboyant, somewhat cliched accent. His playful yet vulgar personality was the bane of Richard Burnish and Steven Chilton.

Randall frequently called into the Chatline to discuss obscure topics relating to homosexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and bestiality. He abused the naivety of the hosts to get them to discuss topics commonly taboo for Christians, and was able to convince them to believe many of his outlandish statements. It is alleged from Episode 1 that Randall has a close friendship with Richard.[2]

Despite being told off a couple of times by the hosts, Randall was a core character who became well engrained in the culture of the Chatline, and was one of the few obvious trolls that the hosts did not hang up on immediately.

Randall was portrayed by Randall, better known by his YouTube handle czg123. This is the same Randall who voiced the famous Crazy NastyAss Honeybadger video.[3]


  • Randall was one of the channel moderators when Jesus Chatline was hosted on


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