Richard Burnish - The Ark, shortened to The Ark is a Christian webshow hosted by Richard Burnish. It is the spiritual successor to Richard's former show, the Jesus Chatline. It premiered on 12 April 2020 on YouTube.[1]

Following the end of the Jesus Chatline in end 2012, Richard vanished from the public eye and did not join his former co-host's spin-off shows Rumbled Feathers and HaulinAss. Following Steven Chilton's passing in end 2018, Richard returned in a 2019 Instagram livestream announcing he was considering starting a webshow that would serve as a sequel of sorts to the Chatline.

In March 2020 he announced The Ark. The show premiered as a YouTube stream on Easter Sunday 2020, sporting a new look and a higher quality camera.[2] Along with the Neon Bible taking precedence as the central theme of the show, mixed martial arts have become a core topic as well.


Host of Jesus Chatline, Author of the Neon Bible and Christian MMA champion, Richard returns stronger than ever to save our world from the filth that is threatening to destroy our families. During his near ten-year absence, Richard has been hardening himself to have the strength and drive to fight against the wiles of the internet. Here a NEW method of preaching was born that combines the wisdom of spirituality and the ferocity of his Christian MMA training – where feet, fists and faith collide.

So climb aboard The Ark and set sail with Richard and his fearless seamen towards salvation.[3]

Main Cast

Richard Burnish (Host)

Casey - (Receptionist)

Chad (Technician) - Fired (Between JC and The Ark), Hired again (Episode 2)

Jesus Chatline Characters

Richard Burnish Sr. (Guest Character - Speculation) 

Hans Peter Schwanzlutcher (Caller - Confirmed)

Leroy Sinclair (Caller - Chat)

Randall (Caller - Speculation)

Steven Chilton (Flashback Scenes - Speculation)


  • Richard was returning with "To hell and Back" during 2017 but was cancelled in 2019 and in 2020, Richard came back with "The Ark" as he published a website, twitch and even merch for the new series.
  • Speculation from 4chan suggests that Steven Chilton's stunt double will play as Steven Chilton with CGI make up in the Chatline sequel for flashback sequences. Like the El Camino movie sequel to Breaking Bad. This might give the character closure. However this rumor is highly unlikely to happen as it would be disrespectful to the memory of Steven's actor Jay.
  • According to the show, it is being broadcast exclusively on Montclair Public Access TOSTV3 which does not exist in reality.
  • According to a short segment featured in Episode 2, the Ark's main sponsors include C-SPAN, and the MMA promotion company CMMA.[4]


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